This is my humble place on the Web to talk about #AsianRepresentation in the media. It’s a topic that is important to me and as a proud Asian American, I, "like it, support it and live it," every single day.

With more and more Asian Americans being in the media, though still trying to break through, I have found that it’s not easy for an Asian American to know what is going on about us, each and every week. If you don’t know, how can you like it, support and live it? Therefore, I create these Instagram videos each weekeed, which then cross post to my personal Facebook page and #AsianRepresentation Facebook page. This Web page will be the collection of the things that I do related to #AsianRepresentation.

In addition to these videos, I’m active in the Asian American community but my contributions to this movement is that I’m a content creator. Where I use the power of fiction, to portray Asian American men and women, positively in the media.

My latest book, The Tamago Stories, is a collection of 8 riveting and contemporary Asian American short stories where I have awesome Asian Americans characters, from Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Thai across genres ranging from crime action, family drama, rom-com and sci-fi.

My first novel, The Purple Heart, is a powerful story about love and courage, set during the Japanese American experience during WWII. A story that bridges the internment and the courage of the 442nd.

You may follow my take on #AsianReprestation on Instagram - Vincent Yee, and soon on Facebook - #AsianRepresentation and YouTube or you may contact me at vyee(a) – be sure to replace (a) with the @ symbol.

As Asian Americans, we have only begun to open up the promise of our full potential, but only if we like it, support and live it.

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Special for May 27, 2019
Warrior on Cinemax is great but today, on Memorial Day, I take time out to remember another warrior. To the Asian American men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice, you are remembered.
Special for May 24, 2019
An Introduction to Warrior, A Bruce Lee Story, on Cinemax, Fridays, 10PM
Download the Tong cheat sheet.
Special for May 19, 2019
Gamechanger for Warrior, Episode 7
Special for April 27, 2019
Warrior, Shout Out from the Bruce Lee statue in Sun Mun Way, in Los Angeles, CA
Special for April 27, 2019
Warrior, Shout Out from the Bruce Lee Hollywood star, in Los Angeles, CA
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